#SingForMe Choir Project

2016 is the Phantom of the Opera’s 30th anniversary year and we want to celebrate by involving YOU GUYS in a very special a capella performance of “All I Ask Of You”

If you can hold a tune then this is your time to shine – all you need to do is record a simple selfie-style video of yourself singing the vocal part which best suits your voice – we’ve got soprano, alto, tenor and bass parts to choose from.

So, how do I take part?

To join in, visit the TAKE PART page and download your sheet music, along with an audio track which you can sing along to – this is a beautiful new arrangement so be sure to familiarise yourself with the music.

Find a quiet space and set your laptop or tablet up with the sheet music and backing track ready to go – remember to use your headphones!

If you’re filming on your phone (remember to shoot in LANDSCAPE) – start recording then hit “play” on the backing track and start singing!

Once you’re happy with your recording, visit our UPLOAD page and send us the video – That’s all there is to it!